Next Steps

Here are next steps in study:

  • More vehicles. Cars certainly, but I’d love to see this on diesel, and on tractors. At least theoretically, it should work better on diesel, because no spark plugs to foul, and generally slower-burn fuel. Might be quite interesting.
  • Post-filter injection. Right now all ion injection is being done before the air filter, not after. Theoretically, injection after the filter could produce much more results. But there is a lot of question as to quality of the results. We obviously shall not risk the slightest grit going into the engine. And charging the filter has done a lot more than expected by any theory thus found.
  • I learned recently that some commercial air ionizers use tungsten needles as their business ends, so some extensive testing is coming. One can buy tungsten needles from medical supply companies, ones that are extremely thin-pointed, and reportedly, negative ion production rises according to the thin-ness of the point (the smallness of the radius of the point-arc). We’ll just have to see what we can see.